The most common conditions relating to eyelids that we treat are:

Blepharoplasty for Dermatochalasis

– excess skin on the upper and/or lower lids

The removal of excess skin can be performed for purely cosmetic reasons. In some cases however excess eyelid skin causes a loss of vision by reducing the visual field. If this is the case the blepharoplasty surgery may be covered by medical insurance. The amount of skin removed is tailored for a natural look. This treatment is usually done under local anaesthesia and you can go home the same day.

Ptosis – drooping of the upper eyelid

As we age the upper lid can droop, sometimes one eyelid drops more than the other. This can cause distress due to vision impairment and altered appearance. At Eye Doctors we offer a day stay procedure to adjust the height of the upper eyelid by reattaching the muscle that lifts the lid into the correct position.

Ectropion and Entropion

These relatively common problems of abnormal eyelid position are usually due to aging. They can cause discomfort, dry or watery eyes and cosmetic problems. We can tighten and reposition lids back to their natural positions, with a day stay surgical procedure.

Skin Lesions and Cancers

Various skin lesions occur commonly on the eyelids. New Zealand’s harsh sun is responsible for our high rate of skin cancers and the lids are one of the most frequent places these occur. Eye Doctors surgeons are specialised in completely removing the lesions and repairing the lids to look as natural as possible, with reconstructive surgery if required.

Watery Eye or Epiphora

Tears produced by the lacrimal glands, under the upper eyelids, are essential for the health of our eyes. However the buildup of excess tears, from blockage of the tear drainage pathway, can result in overflow onto the cheek. Blocked tear ducts can also cause recurrent infections. Full investigation and treatment for this condition can be carried out at Eye Doctors. Surgical intervention can sometimes be necessary to widen or bypass the tear ducts.

Misdirected eyelashes or Trichiasis

Misdirected eyelashes can cause considerable irritation. In the first instance the eyelid position should be checked and corrected if it is a factor. Misdirected lashes can also be remedied simply by removal. Eye Doctors offer electrolysis, laser and surgical excision to provide a permanent solution to this condition.

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