Grand Round March 2017

Thu Jan. 19th 2017

Welcome to Eye Doctors first Grand Round for 2017 on Wednesday 29th March

Venue: Novotel Hotel, Green Lane East

Time: refreshments from 5.45pm, the event starts promptly at 6.30pm

Keynote Speaker - Dr Shuan Dai - Double vision after cataract surgery, what causes it?

Dr Mark Donaldson - Vitreomacular Adhesion

Dr Andrew Riley - Diabetes diagnosis update

Dr Penny McAllum - Highlights from the Australian and New Zealand Cornea Society Annual Meeting

Please register by phoning reception on 09 520 9689, or e.mailing us at

We look forward to seeing you.

1.51 Clinical Diagnosis(CD) and 0.26 general credits

Proudly sponsored by Bausch and Lomb.