Dr Mark Donaldson attends Glaucoma Surgery conference in Singapore

Mon March 10th 2014

Dr Donaldson attended the 7th international Congress on Glaucoma Surgery in Singapore in February. This was a highly specialised meeting of glaucoma surgeons held at the Suntec pavilion. The Alcon Express implant was a hot topic of discussion. This alloy stent is used in trabeculectomy surgery to create a standard diameter outflow pathway. Its use is routine in the USA where 160,000 units have been implanted. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) was also the subject of intense interest. New minimally invasive technologies are implanted into the angle by an internal approach  often at the time of cataract surgery. These technologies include Glaukos istent, Ivantis hydrus, AqueSys Xen, Transcend Cypass microstent, and the STARflo implant from iStar medical . Of these Dr Donaldson uses the Express, intent and hydrus, all of which are registered for use in NZ, Australia and Europe.